Espaço Aberto is a Portuguese weekly radio show focused on Brazilian music, politics, and culture. The program is part of Radio Dreyeckland, a southern German NGO radio station with about 150 volunteers, 50 music programs, and 17 programs in different languages.

Roberta Springer is a member of Espaço Aberto’s editorial team and produces and presents her own monthly shows. Her main interest is the music of her homeland, from folk to electronic to the rich and diverse música popular brasileira, - MPB. Brazilian’s environmental protection and sustainability are some of her passions, issues which she believes to be of most relevance today.



Roberta has interviewed musicians, artists, journalists, an indigenous leader, and lawyers, just to mention some of her guests. They’ve told their stories and their different points of view to the audience, many of which are independent from the mainstream.

Radio Team